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We Facilitate Kidney Transplants

If you have end stage renal disease or are in the late stages of chronic kidney disease, you likely need a kidney transplant. This situation may seem overwhelming, but the team at Northeast Nephrology Consultants, Inc is here to help you through the process. We can educate you about all the options available to treat kidney disease, including various modalities and transplant options. Our doctor will put you in touch with local transplant centers or facilitate testing of family members to identify a potential match. While your transplant treatment plan is developed, we can provide dialysis to ensure the important functions of your kidneys are still completed, even with decreased kidney function. Please reach out to us today to learn more.

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Referral to a Transplant Center

When you reach the point in your treatment where you need a kidney transplant, our team is here to help you start the process. We will connect you with local transplant centers, which are hospitals that completes transplant procedures. You will be given a list of area transplant facilities in Illinois and Wisconsin, so you can decide which location works best for you. Once connected with a transplant center, you will first need to undergo an evaluation at the center. This evaluation will be used to determine if you are a good candidate for a transplant. You must complete the evaluation before you can be put on the list for a transplant or any living donors can be considered.

Find a Living Donor Match

Another option when you need a kidney transplant is to find a living donor. We can facilitate the testing of family, friends, and others who are willing to donate an organ to you to determine if any of them are a match. Blood type is the first thing tested, as you must ensure that you and your donor have compatible blood types. The various tests needed to determine compatibility of a donor and a recipient will also include tissue typing and antibody measurement. We will provide you with educational materials about the entire transplant process, including information about how to ask family or friends to be a donor, how to financially prepare for a transplant, and more. If you have someone who is willing to be a living donor for you, you can start the evaluation process by contacting your transplant center for next steps.

Additional Transplant Support

The team at Northeast Nephrology Consultants, Inc is here to support you through your entire transplant journey. You may be required to receive specialized treatment before your procedure in order to reach necessary pre-treatment health goals. These goals are put in place to ensure you are healthy enough to safely undergo the surgery. Our team can help you reach these goals by facilitating proper care. Some of the goals may include weight loss, treatment for depression, treatment for substance/alcohol abuse or dependence, or smoking cessation.

Contact Us Today

If you would like to learn more about our transplant services or how to get started with the transplant process or donor evaluation, please reach out to our team today. We can answer all your questions and connect you with a local transplant center in the Joliet, IL area. Contact us today for an appointment.

We Make Your Kidney Health a Priority